Access and Availability

Rsa Residenza Monte Buono has 60 accredited beds, divided between 40 p.p. of High Maintenance and 20 p.p. of Low Maintenance.

Below is the procedure for entering our property:

  • Request for VALUTATION FOR RSA ENTRY: the application form, filled out by the General Practitioner (Mmg) or other local physician, or by the hospital doctor (in case of hospitalization), must be delivered to the Ca of the Asl Office of residence of the person concerned.
    Download the RSA Unique Activation Model

  • Following the delivery of the request, the ASL’s Multidisciplinary Assessment Unit will carry out an assessment of the applicant’s socio-health status. In the event of a positive outcome, the AUTHORIZATION FOR HOSPITALIZATION will be issued, which will indicate the level of maintenance assigned and the expected duration for the first phase of insertion in the RSA.

  • With the hospitalization authorization you can access the property, after checking the availability of the bed, according to the indication of the authorization. If the property has a free bed for the assigned maintenance level, it will be possible to proceed to the entrance, previously agreed.
    Download the What to bring at the time of Recovery
    Download the MMG Relationship template

  • In the event that there is no such availability, it will be included in the waiting list. The eligibility and priority criteria are defined by requirements that relate to health conditions and territorial provenance, giving priority to requests from the rieti hospital, then those coming from District 1 of the Asl of Rieti. Finally, requests received directly from the property by the family members of the person concerned and other Asl of the regional territory.

Residenza Monte Buono beds

The Rules for Admission to the Waiting and Update List:

  • requested date of the new user;
  • waiver by already enrolled user;
  • cancellation for permanent insertion into residential service;
  • reassessment of the need following the request of the member.

Currently there are no people on the waiting list, but in case their implementation is necessary, the criteria will be defined by the guest’s authorization and the date of inclusion in the list.

To ensure transparency and updating they will be published on the RSA website. When a suitable bed is freed by the guest’s gender and assigned maintenance level, the request representative will be contacted and entry may be agreed.

Waiting List
Waiting time today:0 days.

Please note that the daily diary paid by the guest is established by the Lazio Region.
To date, the expected fare is:

  • 59.20/die for High Maintenance
  • 49.20/die for Low Maintenance

It is also possible to request the participation in the payment of this fee to the municipality of residence of the guest, in the event that the SOCIAL AND SANITARY ISEE FOR RSA of the person concerned is NOT more than 20,000 euros per year.
The SOCIAL AND SANITARY ISEE can be requested from your accountant or a licensed Caf.
RSA “Residenza Monte Buono” is also able to offer assistance in the process of dealing with this practice.