At the time of the entry of each new guest, a multidisciplinary team, made up of practitioners from all health services (doctor, nursing, care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy), meets to analyse the clinical situation and to program the patient intervention methodology.

The team prepares the P.A.I. (Individualized Assistance Plan)with which the structure guarantees each guest personalized assistance. For the drafting of the P.A.I., internationally validated assessment scales are used, as well as all the information collected by the various services. The aim of this program is to enhance the individuality of the guest that is evaluated in its complexity, building around it, and not vice versa, the support activities. At regular intervals, the team meets to monitor the situation, assess the results of the activities and, if necessary, make any changes to the intervention plan.

The service is guaranteed by the Chief Medical Officer and the Nursing Manager, with daytime attendance from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning. It is guaranteed availability service during the night hours and on holidays.

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Guests of Residenza Monte Buono are provided with medical, nursing and rehabilitation services,
hotels, personal and religious care.


Nurses and
OSS 24h





It is guaranteed by Nurses enrolled in the Order and organized according to the current regional standards. Operating on the basis of the “deontological code”, the Nurses provide all the nursing activities necessary for the guests, such as: administration therapy, withdrawals for blood tests, detection of vital parameters, electrocardiograms, dressings and artificial feeding. The service is available for any information required by family members. The reference room, both for communications and for information, is the nursing garrison present at each floor.
The Nursing Service is supported and integrated, in the performance of its activities, by the Health Member Operators present in the structure.

It is guaranteed by qualified Health Social Operators (O.S.S.) who provide basic care to all guests of the property. In particular, they make up for the lack of autonomy of the guests themselves, in their essential personal functions, such as daily hygiene, changing linen, mobilization and nutrition. The service plays a key role; The O.S.S. are, in fact, the operators that more than others remain close to the guests, detecting the particular and immediate needs.

It is guaranteed by our physiotherapists through specific electromedical instrumentation and a gym equipped. The goal of the rehabilitation service is to ensure that all guests maintain and recover their residual abilities, through functional and neuromotor re-education; rehabilitate any joint or muscle trauma; reduce osteoarthritis and osteoporotic pain; complications arising from prolonged periods of breastfeeding, through the mobilization of enticed patients.
The activity is carried out by individual treatment or, when the general conditions allow, by group treatment.

It is guaranteed by our Occupational Therapists. The occupational therapy service helps people with physical, mental, mental, emotional development disabilities to perform the activities required by their daily lives. The goal of occupational therapy is to: to help a person lead a self-sustaining, productive and rewarding life; develop muscle strength, dexterity and coordination; promote remembering, decision-making and reasoning skills; Learn to use adaptation equipment necessary to function in daily life or to communicate effectively.
This type of therapy includes many types of activities, ranging from hygiene tasks, to cooking, to using a computer.
The activity takes place in a special room of occupational therapy, using appropriate aids and/or activities (design, music therapy, kitchen, etc.).

It is guaranteed by the Responsible Physician and the respective Physicians Of the Guests (within the limits and conditions provided for the generality of citizens, under the relevant national agreement) during daylight hours, while for night hours and public holidays through the medical guard service or 118, which in case of need is activated by the nursing staff on duty.

It is guaranteed by our Psychologist, who performs interventions on the affective, cognitive aspects of the patient, support and advice to the operators and families of patients; Where possible and required, he also performs cognitive, behavioral, relational and communication assessment along with other professional figures.

It is guaranteed by our Dietitian, who advises and dietitian control, with general and specific interventions on the diets of the individual Guests.

It is guaranteed by our Social Assistant, which operates within the system of services offered by the structure and, through network work, centered on the integration of the different territorial and personal resources available, deals: to undertake: to undertake paths of help (through clarification, support and restitution interviews) with the Guest or his family members, relating to the stay within the facility, on sensitive issues such as illness and disability, isolation, loneliness, feeling of abandonment and being abandoned, etc.; to verify respect for the social rights of the Guests, ensuring a multidimensional and individualized treatment, based on the actual needs of the Guest; to provide assistance to the Guest or his family members who need information related to the handling of practices at public bodies, such as the Municipality, ASL or Ordinary Courts (regarding proceedings of Protection or Administration of Support); to maintain relations with the user, even accepting any suggestions or complaints.

It is guaranteed by our Logopedist, who also develops, in a multidisciplinary team, the speech therapy budget, aimed at identifying and overcoming the patient’s need for health. He independently practices activities for the functional re-education of communication disabilities, using speech therapy of enabling and rehabilitation of communication and language, verbal and non-verbal.

It is secured respecting values and I believe the patient. A priest is available, on request, for every need of Catholic guests. In relation to other religious denominations, the Residence is available for the activation, subject to request, of suitable service.
The Mass is generally celebrated every Sunday, at 17:00, at the Chapel of the structure located on the ground floor.

Additional services to the person, such as the service of the hairdresser, the podiatrist, the laundry of personal garments, are activated at the request of the Guests or their family members, through the administrative secretariat of the RSA, heard the management Health. These services are paid for by the Guest.

It is guaranteed by our internal staff, who take care of the cleaning and sanitization of common environments (flat surfaces, fixtures, furnishings and equipment), the guest’s private living spaces, and toilets based on specific protocols and programs, using appropriate products and tools.

The transport service, accompaniment and possible assistance for the use of health services outside the facility, at the request of the Guest or their family members, through the administrative secretariat of the RSA, heard the management Health.

It can be activated in order to ensure maximum communication and transparency of the information, and also the greatest possible degree of integration and logistical knowledge of the structure and the internal regulation of the information. If the guest is a foreigner, the RSA Residenza Monte Buono will promptly make use of the work of a Linguistic Mediator to support its inclusion. The same service will be activated if there is a need to ensure guidance to foreign users.

It is guaranteed by our Administrative Directorate, which has expertise in all areas of the structure excluding health activities. Administrative staff, for carrying out all administrative practices and formalities relating to the acceptance, stay, transfer and resignation of the Guest, as well as staff to be used for general services for the management of the system organization of the structure and for the activities of economato and small maintenance.
The staff of the administrative secretariat, provides the Guests and their family members with the assistance necessary for the handling of small practical activities and oversees the systematic detection of all management factors, in accordance with the administrative guidance adopted.

As for the other way in this internal regulation, please refer to the provisions of the Company Management and those contained in D.G.R. No.424/06, R.R. N.2/07 and Decree 8/2011.

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